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School Dances

Choosing the Right DJ Makes All the Difference

DJ Dash Productions has over 8 years of DJing school dances! We know dances are highlights of a school year and realize the importance of having the right DJ. The DJ is going to be the one who gets the party started and keeps it going until the night! A good DJ will have all of the latest hits, along with the oldies but goodies!


One of the many jobs of the DJ is crowd control. The DJ has a huge effect on how the parties atmosphere. Playing a wide selection of slow songs can put a damp mood on the evening.  But playing fast house jumping music can also have the same affect. You need a DJ that can balance the genre type and amount of songs that are played. An experienced DJ will noticed the crowd is falling asleep and play a fun party song. A good DJ will notice if the crowd starts to get a little to "close" and change the beat of the music while keeping the party going! 


The DJ selection process is a very important one and its important to pick someone who is professional, fun and can read a croud!

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